Limo service on Thanksgiving, you ask? That's right, and luxury transportation service has become more and more popular each year. The long Thanksgiving holiday weekend is packed with events and traditions that can all be greatly enhanced when you take a limousine. Here are just a few of our favorites:

1) The Night Before Thanksgiving

You don't need any reminders that Thanksgiving Eve has evolved into one of the biggest party nights of the year. Aside from the increased police force, you don't want to put the lives of others at risk. Hiring a limo the night before Turkey day is perfect for hitting the bars safely and in style.

2) Family & Friends are in Town

When you're the one entertaining friends and family during holiday visits, keeping them entertained can be a real challenge. One idea would be to hire a limousine and take them on a local wine tour or brewery tour. It's a great way to catch up, bond and enjoy some of the area's tastiest libations.

3) Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is pure insanity on the roads, and it can end up ruining any shopping fun you might have had. Many shoppers are finding that it's fun to rent a limousine for their Black Friday adventures. You don't have to stress over traffic, there are no parking woes to deal with, and you get dropped off right at the front door. Plus, all the envious stares from jealous shoppers.

4) Thanksgiving Airport Transportation

Anyone who has ever driven to the airport during Thanksgiving weekend will attest to how un-fun it can actually be. Few will argue that getting to and from the airport is way more fun when you're in a luxury vehicle. If your family is traveling, or if you're hosting a large group for the weekend, airport limo transportation offers ample space and takes your mind off the road.

5) Special Holiday Limo Packages

The best reason to hire a Thanksgiving weekend limousine? It's a great time to take advantage of money-saving package deals. At S&S we have Thanksgiving limo packages starting at just $299, along with a massive inventory of stretch SUVs, exotic coach limos, luxury sedans, Hummer limos and many more.

Thinking that this just might be a great idea? Check out our full limousine fleet, get answers to your questions or reserve a limo online!