While the holidays are just under your belt, now isn’t the time to drop the ball on splurging for the one you love or planning the details of the next great event you have planned to attend. Whether it is for a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day or if you want to secure luxury rides that everyone turns to for the weddings Rochester area couples admire, S&S Limousine has exactly what you are looking for.

Valentine’s Day is just one day, but it can be the source of a lifetime of memories if you do it right. Many people look forward to this special day as a favorite for weddings Rochester couples plan. Or it may simply be the time for just the two of you to get away from it all. If you are trying to come up with a little added special touch, forget the flowers that will die or the over the top fireworks. You can secure an awesome time with your loved one by renting an S&S Limousine. Our classic sedans are loaded with elegance, plenty of room to get cozy, and privacy, all the while a trusted and professional driver will be behind the wheel getting you to your romantic destination. You can ensure a first class drive to the restaurant or the show you have had planned all along all without worrying about traffic, parking, getting there on time, or the minor details like having to take your eyes off of each other because one of you has to drive. You also will be ensuring that you both can relax and not have to worry about choosing a designated driver. For the classiest and most intimate and luxurious night, let S&S Limousine take the wheel this Valentine ’s Day.

For those who don’t want to be reminded of how the ultimate couple’s holiday is creeping up, S&S Limousine can help you secure a singles party exotic coach bus to take you and all of your non-couple friends out on the town, either for Valentine’s Day or any weekend in between. With the cold creeping in, you can keep the party hot and rolling all night long.

Between now and Valentine’s Day, there will be plenty of weddings Rochester couples will want to attend. If you are planning a classic winter wedding, think about our classic black limousines as the perfect backdrop for your snow fall weddings. Whether you are part of the party or simply a guest who wants to arrive in style, check out S&S Limousines.

As the winter comes and the events line up, plan now how you and a loved one, or a whole party of your closest friends can ring in the next holiday, attend weddings Rochester couples love to throw in the winter, or ride around town having your own special kind of winter wonderland.