Everyone enjoys a trip up to Niagara Falls. The water, the sounds, the atmosphere is all alluring and magical to experience. It doesn't matter if you are going up for a quick surprise romantic getaway or for a long honeymoon, reunion, or girls weekend, Niagara Falls is an ideal vacation for everyone, anytime. The one thing that can make a jaunt up to the Falls even better is getting an S&S Limousine to take you there.

If you are taking a group of 2, 10, 18 or even more, S&S Limousine has the perfect fit so you can all sit back and enjoy the ride. You can choose from comfortable luxury models like the Dodge Nitro Superstretch, a Cadillac Escalade, a Lincoln Town Car or many more models to suit your mood, price, and vibe you are going for. A night having dinner by Niagara Falls or a day shopping along the border with girlfriends doesn't need to start off with a tiring drive, botched directions, pricey parking, or the inability to sit back and have a drink with the rest of the crowd. When you arrive at Niagara Falls in one of S&S Limousines, you arrive refreshed, in style and energized. The comfort of all of our models and luxury extras truly make an ordinary trip so much more to be excited about.

When you do choose S&S Limousine to get you to the mysterious and mesmerizing natural wonder along the border, you can also rest assured you will get there safely. You will be in the hands of drivers who have had extensive background checks, complete with drug testing. You will also have a driver who has an impeccable driving record, a professional air about him or her, and a driver who goes beyond kind and courteous. We know that the journey is half the fun of any trip and that is why we would never place you in the hands of anyone who makes that journey anything less than wonderful. Feeling secure about who is behind the wheel and their ability to get you, and the ones you want to share this experience with, to Niagara Falls safe and sound matters just as much as getting there on time, refreshed and comfortably.

With our professional staff, comfortable and stylish accommodations and luxurious treatment at an affordable rate, we can make the actual trip to Niagara Falls just as alluring as the destination.