If you've never taken a limo to NYC, we know of a clever little way to scratch that one off your must-do list, while finishing your holiday shopping and spoiling yourself in the process.  Hiring a limo for holiday shopping in New York City is a surefire way to put anyone in the spirit, and is more affordable than most people assume.  And besides, what fun is life if you don’t treat yourself to little bit of luxury on occasion?

Limo transportation to NYC is not something simply for celebs, top executives and pro ball players, as more and more people are realizing how rewarding it can be to add a little excitement.  Here are just a few of the top reasons to hire a limo for your NYC holiday shopping excursion.

Shuttle bus to NYC

Limos Eliminate All Parking Problems

Few will argue how incredibly frustrating, and often dangerous, it can be trying to find a parking spot during the holidays - and that's just in the suburbs.  Come holiday season, it can be next to impossible to park anywhere near time square! When you hire a limo or shuttle bus for your holiday shopping, you never have to worry about this.  Instead, you'll be the one having the door held open for you, while you set off to enjoy your day.

Avoid Traffic Jams & Angered Shoppers

If you've shopped in NYC during Christmas season, you know how intense and saturated with people it can get.  Now imagine pulling up to the front door and stepping directly into your favorite stores.  You won't be mentally drained from the drive, leaving you clear-headed and more able to concentrate on finding the perfect gifts for your family and loved ones.  Additionally, you'll be separating yourself from streets and interstates full of drivers, many of whom are clearly not in the best frame of mind.

Holiday Limo Packages from S&S Limousine

Our local Rochester NY Limo services offers a number of package deals, to make booking a limo as easy and affordable as possible.  Give us a call today at 585-444-6666 to learn more, or get started by reserving your vehicle online.  We look forward to helping you make this your most exciting holiday season ever.